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Hi, my name is Jeff Wallace:

Hi, my name is Jeff Wallace.

After spending the past 15 years teaching and advising investors in a consultative capacity on how and where to invest in international real estate, I realized there was a real shortage of educational information out there on how to navigate the process safely and effectively. So I decided to launch The Panamerican Real Estate Company.

My hope is that myself and my team are able to help you gain a better understanding of how to begin and continue through the process of generating a dependable revenue steam through your investment in another country. Thanks for visiting.


Jeff Wallace
Jeff Wallace is owner and president of Pan-American real estate, Inc. Specializing in commercial and residential real estate for over 40 years, mr. Wallace's name has become synonymous throughout the Southeast and Central America with high profile site procurement, negotiations, purchases and leases. I had to launching Pan-American real estate Inc., he founded and sold to successful international commercial real estate companies. He graduated with a BS in real estate and marketing from Florida State University and currently resides in Orlando Florida.

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  • We have long been interested in investing in land somewhere in the southern mountains of Panama (we fell in love with the city of David over a decade ago) but we weren't quite sure where to start, who to talk to or how to navigate the process at all since we're not native Spanish speakers. We were referred to the Panamerican Real Estate team through a colleague who had worked with them to purchase an investment condo in 2007. Best decision we ever made. They are experts in both international real estate and the country of Panama itself. They helped us every step of the way and we now own a sizable plot of land that has seen a 4X appreciation since we purchased it in 2015 with the help of Jeff and his team.

    Felicity Rains Tampa, FL
  • We had never been to Panama but my husband and I had heard wonderful things about it and were interested in visiting and touring some possible areas for potential investment/rental properties. We contacted the PRE team and they helped us realize that a rental home (not condo as we'd thought) in Panama City was the best option based on our needs and budget. From there, they helped prep a guided tour of 6 sites for us to see in one trip. We never felt pressured to make any quick purchase decisions - in fact we were encouraged to take some time to deliberate. We ended up making a purchase the next week and our rental is currently occupied and generating a solid revenue stream thanks to the PRE team.

    Jen & Javier Maciedo Coral Gables, FL

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  • If you've got your mind set on investing in Panamanian real estate, you've come to the right place. We organize 4 scouting trips a year to prospective investors who are serious about purchasing.

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